Case Study

Eliminating Delays to Clinical Studies

Situation / Issue

BAP Pharma received an urgent request from a new client in October 2021, for an order of medical devices. These needed to be sourced from a specific supplier for use in an ongoing clinical study.

After initial communications with the supplier, BAP Pharma understood that the medical devices were manufactured to order only.

With a large backlog of orders due to the global coronavirus pandemic, our client was facing a 12-to-16-week lead time, which was going to negatively impact their ongoing study and cause significant expense.


BAP Pharma Action

BAP Pharma, through its conscientious and eager team of business managers, liaised with our extensive network of suppliers and were able to source and guarantee allocation of a new batch of the required medical devices.

Outcome / Result

As a result of BAP Pharma’s proactivity and result focus, coupled with our excellent working relationships with suppliers, we were able to secure product on 15th November and arrange shipment to our client on the 30th November, for delivery on 2nd December 2021.

Our client received their order approximately 2 to 3 months earlier than the original lead time, with full documentation, eliminating any costly disruptions or delays to their clinical study.

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