Case Study

Supplying difficult to access documentation

Situation / Issue

A prospective client had purchased a product from a different vendor.

The product was dispatched to the trial country (Thailand), but the shipment was held in customs by the Thai authorities, as the original vendor was unable to obtain essential batch documents required for customs clearance.

Even before placing any orders or enquiries, the prospective client approached BAP Pharma to seek help.


BAP Pharma Action

Using excellent relationships with the manufacturer of the product, BAP Pharma was able to influence them to provide the batch documents required to clear the shipment through Thai customs.

The documents were provided free of charge as a gesture of goodwill to the prospective client.

Outcome / Result

With the required documents, the sponsor company was able to clear the shipment through Thai customs

This allowed the product to reach the clinical trial sites and patients on schedule.

BAP Pharma Added Value

BAP provided free of charge assistance as a gesture of good will to a prospective client, even before any requests or orders had been placed.

BAP’s results focused approach ensured the product reached patients, and without potentially costly delays to the clinical trial

The sponsor’s trial was able to proceed according to schedule, avoiding any impact on their competitive advantage in the race to bring a new drug to market.

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