Comparator Sourcing

Our bespoke sourcing strategy is where our clients really understand the value of working with us.


Bespoke Sourcing Strategy

Our bespoke sourcing strategy is where our clients really understand the value of working with us. We work with our clients in a consultative and strategic manner to determine the optimum supply route.

The BAP Pharma sourcing strategy is reliant on both strong relationships with Innovator Manufacturers and closely controlled collaborations with our reliable, audited wholesaler suppliers.

The BAP Pharma Sourcing Strategy facilitates:

  • The provision of credible and strategic sourcing advice for our clients
  • The ability to maintain the optimum flexibility for our clients
  • The development of innovative, solution-based proposals
  • Total confidence in the service we deliver and the products we source

We have direct accounts with over 35 major pharmaceutical manufacturers, from whom we can source quickly. This assures a true pedigree for our clients, along with consistency of supply and appropriate documentation.


Licenses And Documentation Support

At BAP Pharma, our policy is to ensure we understand our client’s requirements from the very start. We then perform extensive due diligence to ensure we can offer honest feedback on the possibilities.

BAP Pharma can regularly obtain the following documentation:

  • Certificate of analysis
  • Temperature excursion data
  • Equivalence statements
  • TSE/BSE statements
  • Stability data
  • Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets

BAP Pharma can provide pedigree statements for shipments made to customers, in order to demonstrate that their comparator products have been shipped in a safe and compliant manner.

It is paramount within our business model to ensure that for every product supplied to a customer, we are able to obtain and provide all necessary key documentation.

Our unique Client Portal means that our customers have 24/7 access to easily download their certificates and documentation whenever suits them.

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Secondary Packaging

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Medicines Access

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