Case Study

Urgent Named Patient Supply

Situation / Issue

An urgent request was received by BAP Pharma in December of 2020 from a multinational healthcare company, for assistance in gaining access to an unlicensed medicine for a 4-month-old critical patient in India.


BAP Pharma Action

BAP Pharma took immediate action and began liaising with the Indian Healthcare Company to better understand the patient’s needs and India’s import requirements. A request for urgent approval for import from the UK Health Authority was then submitted. After being notified that the product would be stored at a licensed wholesaler in India on the hospital’s behalf, the appropriate steps were subsequently taken to ensure this facility met quality standards. Approval of importation was granted from the Indian Health Authority and in turn, BAP Pharma could proceed with sourcing product.

Outcome / Result

The stock of the product was received on 21st January 2021 at BAP Pharma and were checked and dispatched to India the next day, with an arrival date of the 24th January 2021. The patient’s father contacted BAP Pharma to advise the goods had been received at the hospital and the first dose of the medication was administered on the 27th January 2021.

BAP Pharma Added Value

BAP Pharma were able to provide a medicine access solution, to supply access to a medicine not licensed in their respective country, to ensure the patient’s urgently required treatment was not interrupted.

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